Behyaar main phantom

Behyaar 3D Water Phantom

The Behyaar 3D water phantom system, is intended forradiotherapy dosimetry measurements. The acquired data could be used for LINAC acceptance testing, TPS beam data commissioning, monitor calibration and accelerator QA.


  • Accurate & Reliable

Behyaar 3D water phantom system is the right solution for crucial LINAC commissioning.

  • Consistently accurate measurements in all dimensions

Small ionization chambers and diodes ensure scanning accuracy in any direction, regardless of detector movement and orientation (according to TG-106 report)

  • MCU (Main Control Unit)

its compact design integrates a controller and two independent electrometers, simultaneous support of diodes and ionization chambers

  • Computer Software

Behyaar 3D water phantom system has a user friendly software with many useful tools.

  • Android Application

SBy the Android App on tablet or smart phones with an attractive graphical media user can control all movements of system from chamber location to table height and leveling the tank.

  • Detector Holders

The Universal Holders enable fast and flexible mounting of all chambers and detectors in vertical and horizontal orientation.

  • Water Reservoir

Separate tank trolley on wheels with a polyethylene water reservoir and a pump for bi-directional water transport. It's capable to turn of automatically when the phantom tank is empty

  • Lift Table

The system is convenient in  positioning and leveling. The stability of water tank is accrued  by 4 Legs out of lsocentric rotation axis of treatment table. The required leveling  is performed by two individual motors under water tank. the system sensors measures water surface  relative to the scanning  mechanism  and automatically adjusts the water tank leveling using the electric motors