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Electric lithotripsy bed (crusher)

  • Minimum suitable height for easy patient placement
  • Ability to change the height by 200 mm as a motorized
  • Simple bed operation to ease the work of the doctor
  • Standard stainless steel rail
  • Radiolucent capability in the treatment area
  • Endorology and ESWL capability
  • Ability to move longitudinally and transversely to the extent of 120 mm as a motorized
  • Reverse Trendelenburg, head up and foot down
  • Ability to Trendelenburg up to 18 degrees
  • Two support pillars for better balance of the patient
  • Ease of movement in moving the bed
  • It has antistatic, antibacterial and washable mattresses with standard solutions
  • Has antistatic wheels
  • Has India control with IP66 standard
  • It has a rechargeable backup battery for use in case of power outage
  • Maximum tolerable weight: 200 kg
  • The input power of electric motors is 24 volts
  • Ability to install all kinds of accessories
  • Bed weight 225 kg
  • Flat dimensions 3700 * 780 * 1600mm
  • Maximum power and current consumption during operation 150 watts and 6 amps
  • Standby current consumption less than 0.1 amps
  • Duty cycle 10%