Ayrik’s biomedical division has undertaken research and development to address fundamental needs in the field of bioengineering, recognizing its numerous applications in enhancing the quality of various technological sectors. Ayrik’s biomedical division has initiated the cultivation of Paulownia plants and peppers. Furthermore, preliminary studies are underway on the Rose of Muhammad and Siberian species.


Tissue culture involves the cultivation and maintenance of plant cells or organs in sterile conditions, supported by environmental nutrition (in vitro). Currently, protocols for plants such as peony, sweet pepper, parsley, rose, and Siberian flower have been developed and finalized.

Microfluidics is an emerging technology in the realm of designing, manufacturing, and applying micro and precision systems to execute operations in chemical, biochemical, medical, nanotechnology, and other related fields. The benefits of microfluidics encompass high accuracy, reduced time and cost for experiments, and smaller sample volumes.

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