Controlling the treatment process

Output energy of 6MV beam

In accordance with the IEC standard

Controlling the treatment process

Output energy of 6MV beam

In accordance with the IEC standard


cancer ranks as the second leading cause of death worldwide, prompting extensive efforts to improve treatment outcomes. Early detection and adequate resources have enhanced the successful treatment of many cancer types. Linear accelerator devices represent a cornerstone in cancer treatment, employing radiation to target tumors and aid patient recovery. The advancement of cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment methods remains paramount globally, with concerted efforts aimed at reducing human suffering. Alongside conventional treatments like chemotherapy, there’s a pressing need to develop innovative approaches. Radiotherapy stands as one of the latest methods in global cancer treatment, yet its accessibility is limited to a select few countries due to its cutting-edge technology and novelty. To address this gap, the World Health Organization recommends a standard of three linear medical accelerators per one million people, highlighting the importance of expanding access to advanced cancer treatment technologies worldwide

OMID Medical Linear Accelerator

Behyaar Co is honored to introduce OMID LINAC as a state-of-the-art medical  linear accelerator to oncology centers. OMID LINAC helps more and more centers  to gain the confidence to move towards advanced radiation treatment techniques. OMID LINAC has cost effective design and it is the gateway to modern RT for oncology centers that need to start small and an ideal replacement for cobalt technology. It is simple to operate, robust, allowing more patients to be treated quickly and effectively.

Key features:

• Accurate Treatment Delivery:

OMID LINAC is capable of delivering a range of treatments from simple to complex, including IMRT.

• Patient Comfort:

The elegant design of OMID LINAC, with exceptionally wide clearance, provides a reassuring environment for patients. It enables unrestricted access to allow easier  patient set-up and sufficient equipment clearance to facilitate a wide range of gantry positions. This provides the flexibility and spatial requirements that are essential to support the use of advanced non-coplanar beam techniques for effective intensity modulated radiation treatments (IMRT).

• Rapid and Accurate Patient Set-Up:

OMID LINAC’s table allows fast and accurate patient positioning – ideal for modern treatment techniques where a high degree of precision is required in  patient set-up. The low minimum height of OMID LINAC’s table provides patient easier access with quiet and smooth movement. A professional Table Tablet Control panel and full control of table movements during set-up is considered. It controls simultaneous gantry and table movements.

Treatment Planning system (TPS)

Behyaar TPS provides a treatment planning system for radiotherapy treatments. The powerful functionality and efficiency of the Behyaar TPS helps accurate modern radiation therapy planning for radiotherapy modalities, including 3D conformal and Intensity modulation radiation therapy (IMRT). Behyaar TPS delivers rapid and reliable registration of multiple data sets with automated image  fusion. Automated contouring tools, including auto segmentation functionality and powerful drawing and editing features, allow easy identification and delineation of target volumes and critical structures. Behyaar TPS provides flexible plan review functions and powerful dose visualization with analysis tools in a customizable user layout.

 Generally, Behyaar TPS allows clinicians to efficiency create and verify the accurate treatment plans for their patients.


Patient Contouring

Automatic Contouring Module for patient organ at risks

DICOM  RT Import and Export Support Module

Patient CT/MRI/PET Fusion Module

User friendly tools for Contour Modification

• Planning

2D and 3D planning

Conformal optimization

IMRT utilizing step and shoot technique

• Dose calculation

Enhanced pencil beam dose calculation algorithm

Modified advanced dose calculation algorithm for Monte Carlo

Equivalent photon calculation (Option)

• Plan evaluation

Multi-plan DVH comparison

Biological evaluation (Option)

Introduction MLC (Multi-Leaf Collimator)

Behyaar 142 Leaves MLC:

– Accurate Delivery for Advanced Radiation Therapy

Conformal treatment delivery is essential to minimize dose outside of the target volume. With the advanced multi-leaf collimator, Behyaar 142 Leaves MLC, the  radiation beam can be shaped to the target volume, quickly and accurately to enhance patient care. Behyaar 142 Leaves MLC is the beam shaping solution that  provides more accurate delivery to the target with minimal damage to surrounding  structures.

– Fast and Accurate

The integrated  Behyaar 142 Leaves MLC provide high efficient workflows. The efficiency of the Behyaar 142 Leaves MLC is enhanced through its fast leaf speed and accuracy in leaf positioning for all treatment delivery techniques.

– Reduction Integral Dose

The active leakage reduction mechanism in the Behyaar 142 Leaves MLC, uses the diaphragms to automatically track the trailing leaf, thus interleaf transmission will  be minimized. This feature plays a valuable role in reducing integral dose to the patient and therefore the side effects of their treatment will be minimized.

OMID 2D Cutter (Treatment shields cutting system)

Radiotherapy Shielding Block Mold Cutter

The Omid 2D block cutter is designed for providing individual blocks for a patient  in Radiotherapy. Digitized block outline and computer-controlled block cutting ensure the cutting  precision within 0.5mm. Its compatibility with the treatment planning system achieves fast cutting.



  • Precision Accuracy

Computerized and four-axis cutter ensures accuracy of ±0.5 mm.

Built-in checks minimize operator error and time consuming re-cuts.

Allows review of outline on monitor.

Cut path simulation prior to actual block cut.

All functions and setups are completely computer controlled.

  • Treatment Planning Interfaces

Digitized block outlines can be easily transferred from treatment planning.

Eliminates redundant input of block outlines from radiographs.

  • Control performance

User can select any cut paths to connect multiple block outline

Windows based program digitizes and stores data and patient files for easy reference or modification.

  • Convenient Operation

Digitized block outlines can be auto-arranged on foam and be imported together, then be exported for cutting together.

It is less than 20 seconds from importing files to cutting foam.

  • Quick Modifications

Ability to “flip” image for fast AP/PA or L/R  lateral  blocks, or change  any parameter and do not need to input data again.

  • Hot Wire Cutting

Image can be moved to any position on the block to allow for the conservation of Styrofoam use.

Fast (8 mm/ Sec) cut speed

Adjustable temperature for variations in foam densities.

Custom defaults for SSD, SAD and STD.

Distance changes can be factored in TPS import.

  • Versatile Configurations

Our system can be purchased as a cutter and software package only, or with Melting Pot, Cooling Plate, Cerobend and Foam.

Thermoplast mask

Some parts of the body, such as the head and neck, have a large range of motion. To ensure consistent conditions during CT simulator scans and daily radiotherapy treatments, patients must always be positioned securely. Nowadays, thermoplastic fixation devices are used for this purpose. Thermoplastics are softened by immersing them in hot water, and by applying tension to the desired area, they conform to the shape of that area.

Treatment process Since 2019

The possibility of treating more than %85 of all types of cancers

Doctors approval Performer of clinical assessment

Advanced dosimetry equipment

Ionization chamber
Water Phantom
Profiler(Geraph Negar)
Daily Check(Parto Negar)

Ionization chamber: The ionization chamber is one of the radiotherapy dosimetry equipment used to detect the amount of high-energy photons and electron beams. When ionizing rays irradiate the ionization chamber, the air inside becomes ionized. Applying a high voltage between the electrodes of the chamber results in a very low current flowing within. An electrometer connected to the ionization chamber measures the electric current obtained from the radiation. By applying specific calibration coefficients that vary depending on the characteristics of the ionization chamber and the quality of the beam, the measured signal is converted to the amount of emitted radiation. Behyaar Co produces various types of ionization chambers, including Farmer chambers, Pinpoint chambers, Semiflex chambers, and parallel chambers.


Water PhantomThe Behyaar 3D water phantom system, is intended for radiotherapy dosimetry measurements. The acquired data could be used for LINAC acceptance testing, TPS beam data commissioning, monitor calibration and accelerator QA.


• Accurate & Reliable:

Behyaar 3D water phantom system is the right solution for crucial LINAC commissioning.

• Consistently accurate measurements in all dimensions:

Small ionization chambers and diodes ensure scanning accuracy  in  any direction,  regardless of detector movement and orientation (according to TG-106 report).

• MCU (Main  Control Unit):

Its compact design integrates a controller and two independent electrometers,  simultaneous support of diodes and ionization chambers.

• Computer Software:

Behyaar 3D water phantom system has a user friendly software with many useful tools.

• Android Application:

By the Android App on tablet or smart phones with an attractive graphical media user can control all movements of system from chamber location to table height and leveling the tank.

• Detector Holders:

The Universal Holders enable fast and flexible mounting of all chambers and detectors in vertical and horizontal orientation.

• Water Reservoir:

Separate tank trolley on wheels with a polyethylene water reservoir and a pump for bi-directional water transport. It’s capable to turn of automatically when the phantom tank is empty.                                                                                      

• Lift Table:

The system is convenient in positioning and leveling. The stability of water tank is accrued by 4 Legs out of lsocentric rotation axis of treatment table. The required leveling is performed by two individual motors under water tank. the system sensors measures water surface relative to the scanning mechanism and automatically adjusts the water tank leveling using the electric motors. 

Graph Negar(Profiler)Graph Negar is the high-resolution diode detectors matrix for fast and reliable quality assurance in radiotherapy Graph Negar provides the perfect solution for beam and machine verification without the hassle of large phantoms which is great alternative to a water phantom for many tests including flatness, symmetry, field size, beam center, penumbra width, light-radiation field coincidence. they detect the dose along the main axes and diagonals The result is the exact depiction of the profile in a resolution, which enables analyzing the beam without data interpolation.


• Full-field real-time measurements:

•• Flatness, symmetry, field size, beam center, penumbra width, light/radiation field

•• Identify startup/time dependent anomalies

•• Beam constancy, steering, diagnostics, collimator and rotational sag QA

•• Electron energy verification

•• Photon energy verification

• Quick and easy setup

• Multiple real time parameter calculations

• Profile comparison, subtraction, overlay

• Report generation with output to PDF

Parto Negar (Daily check): Using both diodes and ion chamber in Parto Negar to simultaneously checks  output, flatness, symmetry, field size, energy and also profile graph in one device without the need to add buildup.


• Different beam quality checks including: flatness, symmetry, field size, energy,  profile in 2 axis

• No flipping or additional buildup required for any test or energy

• High resolution penumbra measurement

• 13 Ion chambers measuring flatness, symmetry, energy

• 54 point consisted of diode detectors and ion chamber for profile graph

• Temperature and pressure measurement and corrections

• Wireless connection and rechargeable battery for full wireless setup and measurements

• Real-time measurements

Design and construction of radiation therapy centers

Designing radiotherapy centers to enhance treatment quality and ensure environmental safety requires sufficient expertise and experience. Conversely, proper design can increase productivity and optimize financial, time, and energy resources.

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