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IMRT treatment capability

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According to global reports, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world. Unfortunately, the spread of cancer has spread in our country, and according to the head of the Department of Cancer Control of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education; Every year, 112 thousand people in the country are diagnosed with various types of cancer, and this disease will be the cause of 80% of deaths in Iran in the next 15 years. Of course, despite the growth of cancer prevalence in the world, many efforts have been made to treat cancer, and today many cancers can be treated if they are detected in time and the conditions are available.

Among the technologies used in cancer treatment are linear accelerator devices that will help cancer patients recover by producing radiation and bombarding the cancerous tumor.

Going towards cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment methods is very important in the world and many efforts have been made to reduce human pain. With the advancement of technology, many efforts have been made to obtain new methods for cancer treatment to be used alongside conventional methods such as chemotherapy. It should be noted that the effectiveness of chemotherapy drugs to cure patients is about 11%. With the efforts of doctors and owners of knowledge and technology, methods with lower costs, more accuracy and treatability have been created for a wider range of cancers, and according to the latest studies, the annual cost of direct cancer treatment in the country is more than 3000 billion tomans, of which at least 40% is The reason is the use of chemotherapy drugs.

One of the newest methods used to treat cancer in the world is radiotherapy based methods, which, due to its novelty and very high level of technology, the knowledge of producing the equipment used in this method is in the hands of a few limited countries in the world. Among the technologies used in cancer treatment are linear accelerator devices that will help cancer patients recover by producing radiation and bombarding the cancerous tumor. Today, the technology of making this equipment is available to three companies in the world, and according to the standard of the World Health Organization, three linear medical accelerators are needed for every one million people. In our country, considering the cancer situation and cancer treatment standards, many medical centers need this equipment.

Treatment design software (TPS)

Behayaar Sanaat TPS software is a treatment planning system for radiotherapy that allows doctors to create precise treatment plans for their patients. The powerful performance and effectiveness of TPS Bahir software helps in the precise design of modern radiotherapy methods such as 3D Conformal and IMRT. Using Automated Image Fusion, this software records multiple data sets with high speed and accuracy.

Introduction MLC (Multi-Leaf Collimator)

MLC is a beam shaper system used during cancer treatment using a linear accelerator device. This mechanism allows doctors to precisely direct the beam to the intended target and protect non-cancerous tissues from radiation. Behyaar Sanaat MLC device is modular and can practically be installed on radiotherapy devices of different brands.

Treatment shields cutting system

The cutting system of the treatment shields is one of the additional radiotherapy equipments, and the use of this device is very necessary for the accuracy of the treatment process as shielding. Using this system, it is possible to extract the shape of healthy body tissues and avoid radiation to healthy body cells. For example, in brain tumors, radiation should be applied only to cancer cells and radiation should be prevented from reaching the rest of the body’s healthy tissues.

Thermoplast mask

Some parts of the body (such as the head and neck) have a large range of motion. In order to maintain the conditions of the CT simulator and the daily radiotherapy treatments, the patient must always be treated in a fixed position. Nowadays, thermoplastic fixing devices are used. Thermoplasts are softened by being placed in hot water and by pulling on the desired area, they assume the condition of that area.

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The possibility of treating more than %85 From all types of cancers

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Advanced dosimetry equipment

Ionization chamber
Water Phantom
Profiler(Geraph Negar)
Daily Check(Parto Negar)

Ionization chamber: Ionization chamber is one of the radiotherapy dosimetry equipment which is used to detect the amount of high energy photons and electron beams. By irradiating ionizing rays to the ionization chamber, the air inside the chamber is ionized, and by applying a high voltage between the electrodes of the chamber, a very low current flows in the chamber. The electric current obtained from the radiation is measured by an electrometer connected to the ionization chamber, and by applying specific calibration coefficients that vary depending on the characteristics of the ionization chamber and the quality of the beam, the read signal is converted to the amount of radiation emitted. Science-based Behyaar Sanaat Sepahan Company is a producer of various types of Ionization chamber such as Farmer chamber, Pinpoint, Semiflex chamber, parallel chamber.

Water Phantom: This device is a device using a human body simulator to test the linear accelerator device for cancer treatment, the most important task of which is to measure the output dose from the accelerator device.

Gerapg Negar(Profiler): In the linear accelerator device, the profiler is one of the important components used in quality control and radiation therapy dose matching. Profiler is able to measure the radiation dose produced by the accelerator device. Using the data from the Profiler, the radiation dose produced by the accelerator device is compared with the expected doses. This quality control assures the doctors that the therapeutic doses are within the required range and the patient is treated accurately.

Parto Negar (Daily check): This device is used to check the daily performance of medical equipment such as linear accelerator and CT scan. This review includes checking the mechanical, electrical and software performance of the device as well as checking the amount of radiation dose produced by the linear accelerator device. Daily Check device is designed according to the latest international standards and can be used for all types of linear accelerator devices.

Design and construction of radiation therapy centers

The design of radiotherapy centers in order to increase the quality of treatment and also maintain the safety of the environment requires sufficient expertise and experience. On the other hand, proper design can increase productivity and optimize financial, time and energy resources.

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