One of the newest methods used to treat cancer in the world is the methods based on radiotherapy (radiotherapy), which due to its novelty and very high level of technology, the knowledge of producing the equipment used in this method is in the hands of a few limited countries in the world. Behyaar Sanaat Sepahan Company has succeeded in producing cancer treatment linear accelerator, dosimetry devices and also treatment design software in this field. Our effort is to provide the best services to cancer patients in the country.


Multi-Leaf Collimator

The MLC mechanism allows doctors to precisely direct the beam to the target tissue and protect non-cancerous tissues from radiation.

Omid linear accelerator

Helping to treat cancer cells through x-rays based on the most up-to-date facilities needed

Treatment Planning System

Treatment planning software or TPS is a specialized software in radiotherapy that is used to design and plan cancer treatment using a linear accelerator device. These softwares are usually used by physicists, radiotherapists and treatment teams.

Parto Negar

In order to measure symmetry, field size, energy and also the profile diagram of the linear accelerator device is used.

3D Water phantom

The 3D water phantom is a tool in radiotherapy that is used to simulate the tissue of the human body and conduct studies and tests related to dosimetry.

Geraph Negar

The graph Negar is a matrix of high-resolution diode detectors for fast and reliable quality assurance in radiotherapy. The graph Negar is a suitable alternative to the water phantom for tests such as flatness, symmetry, field size, beam center, penumbra width, and illumination field simultaneity.

Ionization chamber

Ionization chamber is one of the radiotherapy dosimetry equipment which is used to detect the amount of high energy photons and electron beams.

Treatment shields cutting system (Block cutter)

By using this device, you can extract the shape of healthy body tissues and avoid radiation to healthy body cells.

Thermoplast mask

Stabilizing the patient in radiation therapy to ensure the dose Absorption of tumor and preservation of healthy tissues as well as acceleration and accuracy in stabilizing the patient's position are of special importance. One of the stabilization tools is thermoplastic masks, which are commonly used in radiation therapy centers of the country.

Introduction of future projects


The OMID-ROBOTIC treatment delivery system provides a comprehensive toolbox of clinical features of the patient and has the possibility of tracking the tumor with automatic correction during the treatment. Robotic mobility and advanced secondary intersection are seamlessly integrated in this system, which makes the device able to identify the desired tumor despite the movement of the patient and the tumor. This technology can precisely treat tumors throughout the body.

Syber Knife

Syber knife is a robot that deals with radiation therapy in a non-invasive way and with a very powerful and precise targeting of the cancerous tumor, which is a very suitable alternative to surgical operations to remove the tumor.


OMID-MULTI is a multi-energy linear accelerator used in radiotherapy. This accelerator uses four different radiotherapy methods IGRT, IMRT, Rapidarc SRT and SRS and can be used in the treatment of all cancers that require radiotherapy and tumors smaller than 5 mm, especially small tumors in the brain or tumors adjacent to dangerous organs. irradiate

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