Tissue Culture Engineering

Plant tissue culture is cultivation of seeds, organs, tissues, cells or protoplasts on certain chemical nutrients media under disease-free conditions with light, temperature and humidity control. Plant tissue culture is also known as in vitro and sterile culture. The tissue culture medium contains all the nutrients needed by the plant for growth and development. The process of tissue culture helps you to grow several uniform plants in a row. Process is beneficial for developing countries looking to increase crop yields, as well as for creating exact copies of a plants species. Tissue culture techniques are often used for commercial production of plants. Tissue culture methods are often used for the production of ornamental shrubs and slow-growing woody trees, the production of haploid plants through the cultivation of anthers, pollen grains and embryos, and protoplasts fusion and the production of secondary metabolites. The plants whose protocol has been completed in the Biotechnology Department of Behyaar Sanaat Sepahan Company include: Paulownia, Bell Pepper and Periwinkle. Also, preliminary studies have been done on Roses, Damask rose and Pear.

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