Hydrolyzed Keratin


Keratin, a structural protein, serves as the primary component of hair, horns, feathers, wool, and the stratum corneum of the skin. Its distinguishing feature compared to similar proteins is its richness in the amino acid cysteine. Human hair typically contains 14-15% cysteine, contributing to its strength. Due to these properties, keratin functions both as an internal structural protein and an external protective protein. It effectively reduces water evaporation from the trans epidermal layer and mitigates irritation caused by detergent use due to its colloidal protective effect. Additionally, keratin is beneficial for treating damaged hair and maintaining skin moisture. The hydrolyzed keratin produced by the company is of cosmetic grade, odorless, and widely utilized in skincare, haircare, and detergent products like shampoos. This product is available in both powder and liquid forms, with a protein percentage exceeding 95%.

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