Gas Jack Stretcher

Behyaar Sanat-e-Sepahan, a knowledge-based company, began its operations in the field of medical equipment production in the year 1999. They have consistently devoted their efforts to meeting the needs and providing comfort to patients. Behyaar Sanat, with its production of various surgical beds and LED operating room lights, has established itself as a pioneer in the realm of knowledge-based institutions. Furthermore, they have achieved success in manufacturing one of the most cutting-edge medical devices globally, a linear accelerator for cancer treatment. The application of science and technology, along with the utilization of experienced specialists, has ensured that the products of this company maintain a high level of quality. One of the initial products of Behyaar Sanat Sepahan is hospital stretcher, which have been in production for approximately 21 years and continue to be highly regarded for their quality. Many healthcare facilities across the country utilize these stretchers. Behyaar Sanat-e-Sepahan possesses the capability to produce various types of stretcher, including X-ray stretcher, stretcher with gas jack, and hydraulic jack stretcher. The gas spring stretcher manufactured by Behyaar Sanat-e-Sepahan are ideal for use in emergencies and various hospital departments. Additionally, due to their unique and specialized design, they can be used as CPR beds. It’s worth noting that these stretchers, owing to their low height, facilitate the process of moving patients on and off them. Some of the features of the gas jack stretchers model BS100 include:

  • Available in one, two, and three-fold models.
  • Suitable space for placing oxygen capsules.
  • Equipped with a central lock.
  • 200mm lockable casters specially designed for easy maneuverability.

For more information, refer to the product catalog.

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