High-Resolution X-ray CMOS-based Detectors

Digital radiography utilizes digital X-ray sensors instead of traditional photographic films. This method offers several advantages, including improved time efficiency, digital transfer capability, quick image preview, elimination of film processing costs, wider dynamic range, and the ability to utilize specific image processing techniques for enhanced image quality. Typically, X-ray detectors convert transmitted radiation energy into visually or electronically identifiable forms. Photons are absorbed by the detector material, and energy transfer occurs through ionization. Key applications of this product include:

-CT scan imaging


-synchrotron tomography

-X-ray spectroscopy

-X-ray-based microscopy

-X-ray topography

-high-resolution industrial radiography

-micro CT systems

محصولات مرتبط
Laser Material Processing Systems
Industrial Radiography
پردازش فیبری
Optical elements Processing
فیبر نوری 2
Fiber Optic Processing Device
Laser Scanning Microscope
پرینتر سه بعدی فلز
Selective Laser Melting Printer (SLM)
Maskless Laser Direct Imaging Lithography