Desulfurization Process

Given that carbon dioxide is colorless and odorless, detecting it in the environment at concentrations lower than 40% is challenging. Moreover, the symptoms of carbon dioxide poisoning resemble those caused by many other pollutants, lacking distinctive effects. Consequently, it is considered a hazardous factor in occupational settings. This gas is notably heavier than air and can displace oxygen. OSHA has stipulated that the average carbon dioxide concentration during an 8-hour workday for adults should not exceed 5000 parts per million (0.5%). Recognizing the significance of this issue, in the spring of 2022, Behyaar Co initiated research on simulating and constructing a unit for removing carbon dioxide resulting from human respiration in submarine environments.

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Plasma waste incinerator (gasifier)
کک سوزنی
Needle coke and graphite electrode
سوپر اکسید2
Super Oxide