X-ray Transporter

Behyaar Co, founded in 1999/2000, initially focused on manufacturing medical equipment to address patients’ needs and enhance comfort. Over the years, the company has diversified into knowledge-based endeavors, producing advanced medical devices such as surgical tables, surgical lights, and achieving a significant milestone with the development of a cutting-edge linear accelerator for cancer treatment. By integrating science, technology, and professional expertise, Behyaar Co consistently delivers high-quality products.

One of Behyaar Co’s flagship products is the hospital transporter, which has been in production for approximately 21 years and continues to be highly regarded for its quality. Behyaar Co is capable of producing various types of transporter, including X-ray transporter, transporter with gas jacks, and hydraulic jack transporter.
The X-ray transporters made by Behyaar Co are particularly suitable for use in emergencies and different hospital departments. Their special and unique design allows them to double as CPR beds. Notably, due to their low height, these transporters make it easier for patients to walk and board.
Some features of the X-ray transporter (X-RAY) model BS100 include:
– The ability to place cassettes along the entire length of the bed
– Suitable space for placing oxygen capsules
– Equipped with a central lock
– 200mm lockable casters specially designed for easy maneuverability
For further details, please refer to the product catalog.

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