Medical and pharmaceutical raw materials



Behyaar Zist Ayrik has conducted research and development to address the fundamental requirements for medical and pharmaceutical raw materials. Despite the complexities associated with the production of these materials, we have successfully supplied some of the necessary materials to various medical and pharmaceutical industries.


Silymarin is one of the most significant active compounds extracted from the medicinal plant, milk thistle. This substance holds considerable potential in aiding the treatment of hepatitis, gallstone jaundice, and dyspepsia. Silymarin, manufactured by Bayar Bios, is a pharmaceutical-grade product available in the form of a yellow powder.

Doctors use bone powder as an effective and safe method for body tissue reconstruction and repair surgeries. By injecting this powder into the repair site, new bone tissue is formed, effectively strengthening and regenerating the bone in that area.

Licorice extract, derived from the licorice plant, serves as a natural sweetener. This substance is sweet, yet virtually calorie-free, making it a viable alternative to sugar in food. Substituting licorice extract for sugar helps reduce sugar intake and helps regulate blood sugar levels in the body.

Fish oil is an oil extracted from fish tissue, rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9. Some benefits of this substance include reducing blood cholesterol levels, preventing cardiovascular diseases, strengthening the immune system, protecting the skin from sun damage, and treating skin burns.

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