Medical and pharmaceutical raw materials


    Bayyar Zit Airik has carried out research and development in order to meet the basic needs of the country’s medical and pharmaceutical raw materials. Due to the fact that the production of these materials has many complexities, fortunately, in the past years, we have been able to provide some of the materials required by various medical and pharmaceutical industries with high localization.


Silymarin is one of the most important active substances of the extract of the medicinal plant thistle. This substance has a high potential in helping to cure hepatitis, gallstone jaundice and indigestion. Silymarin is a pharmaceutical-grade product of Bayar Bios and is produced in the form of a yellow powder.

Bone powder is used by doctors as an effective and safe method as an important tool in body tissue reconstruction and repair surgeries. By injecting this powder into the repair site, new bone tissue is formed in that area, which effectively helps to strengthen and regenerate the bone.

Licorice extract is a natural sweetener obtained from the licorice plant. This substance is sweet, but almost empty of calories, so it can be a good substitute for sugar in food. This reduces sugar consumption and controls blood sugar levels in the body.

Fish oil is an oil extracted from fish tissue. This substance is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9. Some of the benefits of this substance are: reducing blood cholesterol, preventing cardiovascular diseases, strengthening the immune system, protecting the skin from the sun, and treating skin burns.

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