Production of alkaline protease enzyme from microbial source

Alkaline proteases are enzymes that are capable of digest the peptide bonds of proteins in alkaline conditions. With more than 60% of the total enzyme sales in the world, proteases have the first rank among other enzymes used in various industries. This product is widely used in various industries, including detergent industries to remove stubborn protein stains from clothes, leather industry during the process of salambor preparation (tanned leather), and in food industries as a meat softner and other protein materials. At the national level, due to the complete dependence on the import of this product on a large scale (more than 4 thousand tons per year) and the absence of any real producer, it is necessary to take serious action to prevent the withdrawal of a large amount of currency from country (about 60 million euros annually). The agents of the project believe that the project can be a useful step in the field of internalization this technology and reducing dependence on foreign countries.

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