Energy and petroleum products


The energy and petroleum products sector is consistently recognized as a primary driver for the development of various technologies worldwide. Recognizing this significance, Behyaar, a knowledge-based company, has initiated its activities in this field and has made significant achievements in this regard.


Super Oxide

In order to produce oxygen, carbon dioxide is used in closed environments.

Desulfurization process

Needle coke and graphite electrode

It is used in electric arc furnaces. Electric energy enters the furnace through electrodes.

Plasma waste incinerator

It is used to generate electricity by burning waste.

Plasma Water Purification

Purification and destruction of liquid waste with plasma technology

Nitrate-removal from water

The presence of nitrates in water is a serious threat to the health of living organisms, which causes diseases such as infantile syndrome, stomach cancer, goiter, high blood pressure, and birth defects. Photocatalytic processes have a high ability to remove nitrate due to complete oxidation, economic efficiency and compatibility with the environment.

Introduction to future projects

Lithium ion battery

Rechargeable batteries

Fuel cell

In order to generate electricity through solar energy.

Solar cell production

In order to generate electricity through solar energy.

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