Electrical Lithotripsy Table

Behyaar Co, founded in 1999/2000, initially focused on manufacturing medical equipment to address patients’ needs and enhance comfort. Over the years, the company has diversified into knowledge-based endeavors, producing advanced medical devices such as surgical tables, surgical lights, and achieving a significant milestone with the development of a cutting-edge linear accelerator for cancer treatment. By integrating science, technology, and professional expertise, Behyaar Co consistently delivers high-quality products.

One of Behyaar Sanat’s products is the Electrical Lithotripsy Table. These beds are equipped with specific features to facilitate physicians’ work and enhance treatment effectiveness. Behyaar Co’s Electrical Lithotripsy Table offer radiolucency in the treatment area, endourology and ESWL capabilities, and reverse Trendelenburg (head up) and Trendelenburg (head down) capabilities up to 18 degrees. Additionally, they feature a minimum height suitable for patient placement, motorized height adjustment up to 200 millimeters, and motorized longitudinal and lateral movement up to 120 millimeters.
The mattresses are antistatic, resistant to dust settlement, and antibacterial, ensuring easy cleaning with standard solutions.

Other features include:

-antistatic wheels with high resistance, wear resistance, silent operation, flexibility, and durability

-standard stainless steel rails

-two support columns for better patient balance

-IP66 standard hand control

-rechargeable backup battery for power outages

-compatibility with various accessories

technical specifications such as:

-electric motor input voltage of 24 volts

-maximum power and current consumption during operation of 150 watts and 6 amps respectively

-current consumption in standby mode of less than 0.1 ampere

-duty cycle of 10%

-maximum weight capacity of 200 kg.
For further details, please consult the product catalog.

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