Dialysis chair

Behyaar Sanat-e-Sepahan, a knowledge-based company which commenced its activities in the field of medical equipment production in 1999. They have consistently strived to meet the needs and provide comfort to patients. The company has ventured into producing various surgical beds and LED operating room lights, contributing to the realm of knowledge-based institutions. Moreover, they have successfully developed one of the most advanced medical devices globally, a linear accelerator for cancer treatment. By employing science and technology and utilizing experienced specialists, Behyaar Sanat-e-Sepahan ensures the high quality of its products. Official statistics show that there are approximately 50,000 dialysis patients in the country who must use dialysis machines two to three times a week, enduring the painful process of dialysis. Kidney disease patients suffer greatly from these procedures. Behyaar Sanat-e-Sepahan, with its unique design and production of dialysis chairs, aims to alleviate some of the pain and suffering experienced by dialysis patients.Behyaar Sanat-e-Sepahan’s dialysis chair is a three-section, two-fold chair with a maximum weight capacity of 180 kilograms. It features convenient hand and footrest placements. The chair also comes with removable and washable cushions using standard solutions. Furthermore, this chair is suitable for dialysis, blood sampling, and blood transfusions. For more information, please refer to the product catalog.

محصولات مرتبط
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