Optical fiber processing systems
  • The optical fiber fusion splicer by Bahyar Sanat Sepahan is optimized for connecting two large core optical fibers. As a result, the ends of two fibers are precisely connected by the optical fiber fusion splicer. The advantages of this device include a wide thermal dynamic range for high-quality fusion of optical fibers with coating diameters ranging from 80 micrometers to 1 millimeter, the use of high-resolution optical system (200X) for core alignment, the use of state-of-the-art technology to minimize losses in optical fiber fusion, strong and stable fusion connections, high-temperature tolerance, and portability.
  • Stripping is the process of removing the protective polymer coating around optical fibers in preparation for cleaving. The fusion splicing process begins by preparing the ends of both fibers for fusion, which requires removing or stripping all protective coatings from the ends of each fiber. The advantages and capabilities of this device include accepting fibers with coating diameters ranging from 100 to 1360 micrometers, full programmability for fiber diameter and length, high strength, precise stripping of various types of optical fibers, fiber protection through thermal separation mechanism, and user-friendly operation with a detachable fiber holder.
  • A fiber cleaver is a controlled process for cutting a fiber to create a smooth end surface for connection or fusion. Some of the advantages of the fiber cleaver include the ability to cleave large core fibers with coating diameters ranging from 80 micrometers to 1 millimeter, the ability to cleave single-mode and multi-mode fibers, the ability to perform precise cleaves, and an intelligent user interface for adjusting cleaving parameters. Additionally, this device has a cleave tolerance of ±0.5° for smooth cleaves and operates at 12.5 VDC, 5 A.
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