Needle coke and graphite electrode

Needle coke is a solid high-carbon material with a needle-like appearance and a crystalline structure formed by elongated crystals. It is produced from two sources: petroleum needle coke and coal tar pitch needle coke. Considering the steel industry’s reliance on graphite electrodes produced from needle coke, the imposition of sanctions against Iran, and a significant dependence on its imports, Behyaar Sanat Company embarked on its research into needle coke production in the year 1398 (2019).The production of this product is mainly carried out by five major international companies. Two feedstock samples, namely FCC slurry and residue from the Arak oil refinery’s FCC tower, as well as pitch from the Esfahan tar refinery with an average softening point, have been identified through initial analyses to have the highest aromatic content, making them the most suitable feedstocks for needle coke production.

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