The story of Behyaar

We cover you from prevention to treatment.

Behyaar Sanaat Sepahan Company has a rich history spanning several decades, marked by pioneering achievements and continuous innovation. It all began in 1999 with the production of the first stretcher. Since then, the company has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing various types of electric beds and hospital equipment, alongside the development of medical products. In 2009, the company established research and development units, focusing on enhancing their capabilities. In 2012, the visionary idea of creating a linear accelerator and digital radiology machine emerged, leading to successful testing and the initiation of new projects like CT scans and X-ray tubes in 2017. The completion of the linear accelerator and digital radiology projects, along with the commencement of container inspection device projects, followed in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Subsequently, the company diversified into designing and producing various inspection equipment in 2018. In 2020, the aerospace team was formed, embarking on the design and manufacture of an eight-seater Private jet. Furthermore, from 2020 to 2021, the company designed various production lines for masks, producing millions of masks. In the same year, a biotechnology unit was established, initiating several projects such as keratin, collagen, and gelatin production. Throughout its history, Behyaar Company has remained committed to innovation, pushing the boundaries of technology and healthcare.

The first product manufactured by Behyaar Co.

Afterwards, by manufacturing various types of electric beds, CCUs, ICUs, and operating room equipment, Behyar established its position in the production field. Over time, research and development became more focused within the company, resulting in the creation of the first LED surgical light, the first C-ARM bed, and other products.”

The Beginning of Linear Accelerator Construction

Based on these principles, starting around the year  (2012/2013), within Behyaar Co, the ambitious project of constructing one of the most advanced medical devices—a linear accelerator (radiotherapy) used in cancer treatment—was introduced. The project came into the spotlight at a time when the company’s focus was on producing hospital hoteling equipment, and the opinions of experts in that field seemed irrational from all perspectives. From a common-sense standpoint, the decision appeared unconventional and even perilous, as it required specialized manpower, various necessary technologies, and faced numerous production challenges, not to mention the substantial capital that the company lacked to build such a device.

The courage to move forward

Thinking about areas such as wastewater purification and intellectual and human growth, the company’s efforts have led to significant outcomes, expanding its team from around 30 individuals to 500. These are among the tangible results of scientific and practical endeavors on the path to constructing the linear accelerator. Over these years, research and development units in fields such as mechanics, materials, electricity, image processing, biotechnology, and more have become active within the company. This created an environment for the integration of various individuals, allowing the company to move forward with the benefits of the path it embarked upon, supported by the personnel who found their calling in this field. Nowadays, the production of numerous fundamental products is at the forefront of these departments’ agendas. With over 450 specialized professionals, Behyaar currently produces more than 80 products, and over 180 high-tech projects are underway.

Finally …

If during its early days of crafting stretchers the company worried about whether the money invested could yield any results, it would have become utterly discouraged. However, when it knows the path it is treading, coupled with determination and reliance on faith, along with the focus on aiding cancer treatment, it disentangles the mental barriers and illusory obstacles that obstruct progress. Instead, new equations take shape that lead to results beyond the existing norms. The construction of the linear accelerator took about 5 years to complete, marking a significant leap in Behyaar’s growth trajectory. During the process of building the accelerator, numerous scientific challenges were laid out on the engineers’ table at Behyaar. Solving these challenges provided invaluable experience and knowledge, paving the way for subsequent developments within Behyar. The knowledge and technology gained during the construction of the accelerator streamlined the production of many products within the company. This experience allowed Behyaar to make its mark, enabling the company to enter various fields, relying on individuals who committed themselves to this path and constructed their expertise. By leveraging the knowledge and technology acquired through the accelerator’s construction, Behyaar was able to navigate the production of a myriad of products with ease. This experience positioned the company to make inroads into various sectors, relying on individuals who have dedicated themselves to this journey and built themselves up.