Aviation industry

Aviation industry

Behyaar Jet specifications

Functional specifications:

The length of the runway 1050 Meter
Maximum flight ceiling 13720 Meter
Maximum flight ceiling 763 kilometers per hour
The highest Mach number ever 0/73
Landing runway length 910 Meter
Fuel consumption 0.11 Kilograms per hour

Performance characteristics of the engine:

CHaracteristic Amount Unit
driving force 10680 Newton
Mach number in garlic 0/73 -
garlic height 11000 Meter
Pass ratio 3/31 -
First axis speed 18300 Round per minute
Speed of the second axis 40900 Round per minute
Fan internal pressure ratio 1/3 -
Fan external pressure ratio 1/2 -
Low pressure compressor pressure ratio 1/614 -
High pressure compressor pressure ratio 6/1 -
Turbine inlet temperature 1378 Kelvin

Design weights and capacities:

The maximum weight at the beginning of the band 5670 kg
The highest weight is lifted 5600 kg
Maximum landing weight 5215 kg
Maximum weight without fuel 4218 kg
Base empty weight 3360 kg
Maximum transport capacity 857 kg
Payload 2310 kg
Fuel capacity 1784 kg
Payload without fuel 525 kg

Behyaar Jet avionics system

AHRS system


Avionics central processor (Bahrio)

Behyaar Jet avionics system

Air Data Processing (ADC)

Project Process Percentage

Avionics system 60%
Jet body 40%
Jet engine 10%

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