Endoscopy bed

Behyaar Sanat Sepahan Knowledge-Based Company, established in the year 1378 (1999/2000), initiated its operations by manufacturing various medical equipment and has consistently directed its efforts towards meeting the needs and providing comfort to patients. Behyaar Sanat has entered the realm of knowledge-based endeavors through the domestic production of different surgical beds and LED surgical lights, and subsequently achieved a remarkable feat by domestically producing one of the most advanced medical devices globally, the linear accelerator for cancer treatment. The application of science and technology, coupled with the expertise of professionals, has led to the production of various high-quality products by this company. One of the products produced by Behyar Sanat Company is the endoscopy bed, which has the necessary standards and the approval of the General Department of Medical Equipment. This bed is suitable for performing endoscopy, colonoscopy and basic surgeries. Beyar Sanhat endoscopy bed has the ability to change the tilt and height by electric motors, which allows the doctor to carry out the treatment process more accurately.

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محصولات مرتبط
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