Maskless Laser Direct Imaging Lithography

Behyaar Co’s Direct Laser Lithography device is a comprehensive and invaluable system for directly creating extremely small patterns on a photosensitive substrate without requiring masks. This device is utilized across various industries and sciences, including microfluidics, electronics, chemistry, biology, medicine, physics, and photonics.

Key features include:
– High flexibility
– Large working area
– Fast positioning
– High lithography speed
– High resolution
– Superior edge quality compared to mask lithography
– Elimination of the need for expensive masks
– No requirement for specific environmental conditions to carry out the process
– Non-contact process, ensuring no damage to the sample and tool wear
– Cost-effective tool for producing complex and innovative microstructures
– Ability to work with various substrates
– Automatic alignment system for multi-stage lithography structures
– Use of a suction system to hold the sample on the substrate
– Electronic control of the light source and positioning platform
– User-friendly and straightforward software.

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