Examination light

One of the essential pieces of equipment in operating rooms is surgical lights. These lights illuminate the surgical area, enhancing visibility for surgeons. They must replicate natural sunlight to ensure accurate visualization and differentiation of body parts, particularly blood. Mechanical design should prioritize the balance and smooth movement of the light head in various positions, while avoiding heat generation. Additionally, optimal optical focus and shadow elimination are crucial. These lights feature low power consumption, minimal heat emission, and cool light, ensuring high efficiency and compliance with global standards. Electronic design incorporates the latest LED SMD technology and lighting control for continuous operation. Various models, including ceiling-mounted options, cater to diverse needs. These lights boast high-quality illumination, devoid of infrared radiation, and offer a long lifespan. Their design promotes air circulation to prevent overheating and device malfunction. Behyaar LED surgical lights are modular, allowing for customization and expansion to enhance operating room illumination as needed.

Technical Specifications:
– Focal Length: 70cm
– D50/D10: 0.61
– LED Light Lifespan: Over 50,000 hours
– Power: 15W
– Wound Depth: 62cm
– Dimming: 20-100%
– Ra(CRI): 94-96
– R9: 94
– Color Temperature: 4000K
– D50: 8cm
– D10 Field Size: 13cm
– Illumination: 70,000 Lux

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