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Behyaar Zist Ayrik branch has carried out research and development in order to meet the basic needs of the raw materials of the country’s food industry. Considering that the field of food industry is one of the strategic strategies of every country, therefore we need to increase independence as much as possible in this field. In the past years, we were able to solve some of these needs in this company.


Gelatin is a protein product derived from collagen. This substance is dissolved in hot water and becomes a jelly after cooling. This has made gelatin very useful as an emulsifier and stabilizer in the food industry. Gelatin produced by Bayyar is type A and is produced in food grade.

Limonene is a colorless hydrocarbon that is used in medicine and pharmacy as a preventive agent, in cosmetics as a solvent, and as a carrier in skin protectors. Limonene produced by Bahyar Company can be used in cosmetic, food and green solvent industries.

Due to its effective properties, chitosan is used as a useful material in various industries, including food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology. This substance is used in many research programs as a treatment for blood sugar diseases, high blood pressure and local inflammations.

Keratin is a structural protein and the main component of hair, horns, feathers, wool and the stratum corneum of the skin. This supplement is rich in amino acids and raw protein and is widely used in the formulation of livestock, poultry and aquatic diets.

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