Electrical children Bed, PICU model

Behyaar Co, founded in 1999/2000, initially focused on manufacturing medical equipment to address patients’ needs and enhance comfort. Over the years, the company has diversified into knowledge-based endeavors, producing advanced medical devices such as surgical tables, surgical lights, and achieving a significant milestone with the development of a cutting-edge linear accelerator for cancer treatment. By integrating science, technology, and professional expertise, Behyaar Co consistently delivers high-quality products.

One of the products produced by Bahyar Co is the Electrical children Bed. Hospitalization of children can be a significant concern for families, who worry about their child’s recovery and the stressful hospital environment. To address this, the PICU Electrical children Bed by Bahyaar Co is designed to provide a peaceful and comfortable environment for children undergoing treatment.
This bed features bedsides equipped with shock absorbers to prevent injuries during opening and closing. Additionally, it offers electric controls for adjusting different positions.
features include:

-adjustable height

-a backup battery for emergencies and power outages

-the capability to install a weighing system with accurate data transfer

-a metal skeleton made of industrial profile

-clip and urine bag holders

-electrostatic powder paint

-a total weight capacity of 150 kg

-two breakers with a 75-degree angle

-washable and disinfectable surfaces

-the ability to connect to a serum base

-125mm lockable wheels.
For further details, please consult the product catalog.

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