Optics and lasers

optics and lasers

Despite the complexity of physical concepts, optics and laser technology stands out as one of the most practical fields in the industry. With its high production capacity, it offers solutions to numerous technological challenges. Behyaar Co has ventured into this field in recent years, capitalizing on the growing importance of optics and laser technology, especially in medical applications.

Optics and laser products

Maskless Laser Direct Imaging Lithography

The Behyaar direct laser lithography device is a comprehensive and useful system for directly creating very small patterns on a light-sensitive substrate without the need for a mask.

Selective Laser Melting Printer (SLM)

The Behyaar Metals 3D printer is the ideal machine for printing parts with intricate geometric complexity, thin walls, internal channels, and small dimensions.

Laser Scanning Microscope

The Behyaar laser scanning microscope is a valuable tool for measuring surface profiles, enabling the assessment of various surface characteristics such as roughness, curvature, protrusions, and depressions. This microscope serves as a suitable alternative to AFM microscopes.

Fiber Optic Processing Device

Cutting, stripping and welding optical fiber.

Optical elements Processing

Lens grinding and polishing machines for optical and optical fiber components.

Industrial Radiography

X-ray radiography

Laser Material Processing Systems

The Behyaar Smart Laser Cutting Robot System is the first indigenous laser system installed and operated in the cold rolling temper mill line of Sepahan Mobarake Steel Company.

High-Resolution X-ray CMOS-based Detectors

Recognizing the significance of wide-screen X-ray detectors based on CMOS in the future of X-ray imaging, specialists at Behaar Co devoted two years to studying and meticulously examining this type of detector. As a result, they successfully developed a prototype of high-resolution X-ray detectors for various applications.

Intelligent laser cutting system

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