Specialized Electric ICU-CCU Bed

Behyaar Sanat Sepahan, a knowledge-based company, commenced its activities in 1999/2000. It began by manufacturing various medical equipment and has consistently strived to address the needs and ensure the comfort of patients. The company entered the realm of knowledge-based production by creating a range of surgical beds and LED operation room lights. Continuing its journey, it achieved a remarkable feat by domestically producing one of the most advanced medical devices worldwide – the Linear Accelerator for Cancer Treatment. The application of science, technology, and the expertise of professionals has led to the company’s products being of high quality. Among these products is the specialized Electric ICU-CCU Bed. This bed is used in critical care units and requires distinctive features. According to global standards, 10% of hospital beds should be allocated to ICU beds. Considering the presence of around 200,000 hospital beds in the country, approximately 20,000 ICU beds are needed. In response to this demand, Behyaar Sanat ventured into designing and manufacturing ICU and CCU beds, resulting in the production of the BS-600 ICU bed model. The specialized ICU and CCU beds made by Behyaar Sanat Sepahan are equipped with electric motors for adjusting tilt and height, and their electrical system adheres to the IP63 standard. These beds feature a metal frame made of industrial profiles, with an aluminum headboard and a durable, impact-resistant metal cover. The bed’s accordion-style side rails with suitable dimensions ensure patient safety. It also boasts capabilities such as a weighing system with precise data transfer and the ability to be cleaned using standard solutions. Furthermore, the bed includes an IV pole that can be mounted in all four corners and features a backup battery for emergency situations and power outages. Additionally, the bed’s powder-coated finish is applied using an electrostatic process in two stages, providing durability against scratches and color fading. It holds certification and manufacturing permits from the Medical Equipment Department. For more information, refer to the product catalog.

محصولات مرتبط
آمبولیزاسیون (PVA)
Embolization (PVA)
پروانه ای
Epidermolysis bullosa dressing
تخت الکتریکی لیتو تریپسی(سنگ شکن)
Lithotripsy electric bed
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برانکارد با جک هیدرولیک (2)
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برانکارد با جک گازی
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برانکارد ایکس ری
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ترانسپورتر اطفال
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تخت اندوسکوپی الکتریکی
Endoscopy bed
تخت الکتریکی ویژه اطفال
Electric bed for children, PICU model
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Inpatient Electric Bed (Model: BS500)