Medical Imaging


Medical imaging is essential for visualizing the internal structures of the body, aiding in clinical analysis, medical interventions, and assessing organ or tissue function. It serves as a vital tool in diagnosing illnesses and guiding treatment decisions. Behyaar Co excels in producing computed tomography (CT) scan and medical digital radiology devices and manufacture medical imaging devices with high localization.


Ceiling Radiology

Fully motorized & Automated.

U-Arm Radiology

Fully motorized & Automated.

CT Scan

Fast scanning with reliable design.

Introduction to future projects

CT scan 256 slices

This diagnostic tool takes super-fast pictures of a moving heart using X-rays and displays it in a three-dimensional (3D) format on a computer monitor

Portable Radiology

One of the fundamental requirements of medical imaging is imaging at the treatment site, which can be achieved with a portable radiology device.

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