CT Scan

Fast and accurate scanning

Radiation safety

High image quality

In accordance with the IEC standard


The use of modern medical imaging technologies is always developing, and the CT Scan instrument is used as one of the medical diagnostic methods for imaging all kinds of body tissues, such as the brain, heart, lung, liver, kidney, bone, joint and other organs. It is used to diagnose many diseases, including cancer, vascular and neurological disorders, infections, physical injuries, and other medical problems.
Behyaar Sanaat Sepahan Company also started its medical CT scan project about 8 years ago and has now been able to produce a 16-slice CT scan machine with high localization and in accordance with today’s world standards.
CT scan has 16 medical slices for general use in medical imaging centers and covers 85% of the needs of medical centers. Also, research and development for making more advanced CT scans with more slices has continued, and the construction of the first high-resolution detector based on CMOS in the country, which was carried out by Behyaar sanaat, is a considerable step for making more advanced medical CT scans.
Among the features of this instrument, it can be mentioned that it is easy to use, high accuracy and minimal radiation leakage

Images taken with a medical CT scan

Behyaar Sanaat CT scan machine

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Behyaar Sanaat CT scan bed

Behyaar Sanaat CT scan software

CT Scan laser simulator system

This system consists of moving pointer lasers coordinated with the CT simulator, which is used to perform marking operations on the patient’s body during treatment simulation operations by the CT simulator.

Design and construction of imaging centers

The design of medical imaging centers in order to increase the quality of diagnosis and also to maintain the safety of the environment requires sufficient expertise and experience. On the other hand, proper design can increase productivity and optimize financial, time and energy resources

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