16 Slice CT-Scan

Fast scanning with reliable results

Low dose application package

Friendly user interface

In accordance with the IEC standard


Modern medical imaging technologies continue to evolve, with CT scan instruments playing a pivotal role in diagnosing various body tissues, including the brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, bones, joints, and other organs. They are indispensable tools in diagnosing conditions such as cancer, vascular and neurological disorders, infections, physical injuries, and more. Behyaar Co initiated its medical CT scan project approximately 8 years ago, resulting in the development of a 16-slice CT scan machine that meets stringent localization and global standards. This machine caters to the general needs of medical imaging centers, covering approximately 85% of medical facilities’ requirements. Ongoing research and development endeavors aim to enhance CT scan technology, with plans for machines boasting higher slice counts.

Behyaar 16 CT:

The demanding for more accurate diagnostic procedure is continually on the rise. Healthcare institutions and physicians are being pressured to produce more efficient diagnose. Behyaar 16 CT configuration is a high performance system that is ideally suited for routine CT studies and advanced motion-sensitive applications like Pulmonary studies. With fast reconstruction and many automated tools for setting up patients and managing scans, it can help you increase throughput.  Behyaar 16 CT also includes features to help maximize dose efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Fast Scanning with reliable results
  • Friendly user interface
  • Standard and consistent image quality
  • Efficient detector design
  • Low dose application package

Images taken with a medical CT scan

Behyaar Sanaat CT scan machine

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Behyaar Sanaat CT scan software

CT Scan laser simulator system

This system comprises moving laser pointers synchronized with the CT simulator, facilitating marking procedures on the patient’s body during treatment simulation operations conducted by the CT simulator.

Design and construction of imaging centers

Designing Imaging centers to enhance treatment quality and ensure environmental safety requires sufficient expertise and experience. Conversely, proper design can increase productivity and optimize financial, time, and energy resources.

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