single moon surgical light

One of the necessary equipment in operating rooms is surgical lights. These lights are used in operating rooms to provide illumination for the surgical area and improve visibility for the surgeon. The required surgical lights must be able to produce light similar to natural sunlight to enable proper visualization and differentiation of body parts, especially blood, for the surgeon. In terms of mechanical design, the balance of the surgical light head in different positions and its smooth movement should be a focal point.These lights should not generate heat in the environment. Additionally, optical focus and the absence of shadows are essential characteristics of surgical lights. Proper light penetration depth in procedures with greater depth is also of paramount importance to allow the surgeon to provide the best care.Engineers at Behyaar Sanat Company, with twenty years of experience in the field of medical equipment, ranging from simple medical products to high-tech products like linear accelerators for cancer treatment, have endeavored to address the technological needs of the country.The production of LED operating room lights for the first time in the country has prevented capital flight, elevated the country’s needs, and provided the possibility of exporting this product. Achieving manufacturing technology will result in lights with low power consumption, minimal heat production, and the advantage of cool light. This will yield high efficiency and allow the use of a product that is world-class and up-to-date with the latest global technology while featuring Iranian design. In the field of electronic design, the use of the latest generation LED SMD and lighting control, considering the continuous lighting of the lights, are among the features that have received significant attention in Behyaar lights.These lights have been designed in various models, each of which can be used as ceiling-mounted, depending on the needs and conditions.All purchased products are installed and commissioned at the customer’s location by the company’s personnel. The company’s track record in after-sales services can provide adequate assurance to buyers for the purchase of a suitable LED surgical light.Given that Behyaar Sanat Sepahan is the manufacturer of these lights, currency fluctuations will not have a direct and tangible impact on the supply of this product. The speed in providing services and the company’s 24-hour readiness in sales, delivery, installation, and after-sales services have also set this company apart from competitors.High-quality light without any infrared radiation and the long lifespan of LED are other specifications of these lights. Furthermore, their design is such that air circulation prevents excessive heat from the light and, at times, disruption of device functionality. Behyaar LED surgical lights are upgradeable, designed so that if necessary, increasing the arms and the number of lights can increase the operating room’s illumination.

Technical Specifications:

  • The first LED operating room light produced in the country
  • Certified and licensed by the Medical Equipment Department
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Cold light without the need for a filter
  • “Soft green light” in endoscopic mode
  • Detachable handle with autoclave capability
  • Ability to add a camera
  • Completely smooth and adjustable arms
  • Each LED has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours
  • Adjustable light field from 19 to 30 centimeters in the focus model
  • Color Temperature: 3500-5000k 3500-5000k
  • Dimming capability from 10% to 100%
  • Illuminance: 160,000 LUX
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 94-96 94-96
  • D10 Field Size: 19cm
  • D50 Field Size: 11cm
  • R9: 94
  • Wound Depth: 85cm
  • L1+L2 (20%): 120cm
  • Power: 100 W
  • D50/D10: 0.58 0.58
  • Focal Distance: 100cm
  • Ability to add a proximity sensory


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