Introduction of research and development units

The most important infrastructure of Sepahan Bahyarsanat complex is the existence of different knowledge and technologies together, so that 18 specialized units, including the following, are working in Bahyarsanat. The specialized units of Bahyar Sanat Sepahan are:
The presence of these groups together to solve problems has greatly increased the ability of research and development.

  • mechanic
  • Aerospace
  • Chemistry, polymer and chemical engineering
  • Biotech
  • physics
  • Materials
  • power electricity
  • Telecommunications
  • Image Processing
  • avionics
  • Industrial electricity
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Standard
  • Information Technology
  • Semiconductor
  • Construction
  • Optics and lasers
  • Electronic

The presence of these groups together to solve problems has greatly increased the ability of research and development.

Technology tree

In our country, sciences usually move towards becoming more specialized, and this problem may make it difficult to cooperate between different sciences. Universities have various faculties, which are not related to each other as they should be, and the university graduates consider themselves to be only one. They know specialization independently of other specializations. This is despite the fact that science needs an interdisciplinary dialogue for its growth and development.

Realizing this importance, Bahirsanat company has been able to create many interdisciplinary projects while creating specialized departments in order to solve technological issues by tying different sciences together. For example, since there are groups such as mechanical engineering, material engineering, laser and optics, image processing and software, digital electronics, etc. in Behyarsanat company, and the cooperation between the groups takes place without any administrative and structural measures, multiple capabilities has given this group to carry out any project in the field of telecommunication and microwave applications.
One of the most basic parameters that lead to the maturity of technology is making tools in specialized fields. Although making tools seems like an extra thing at first, and compared to buying tools, it is a simpler and faster solution, but paying attention to making tools has led to the better growth and development of technology and creates a great added value in the field of knowledge. From this point of view, tool making including the manufacture of precision instrument devices, various furnaces, laminating, molding, etc. has created a good infrastructure for the development of Behiar Sanat company’s technology.
In the following, we refer to knowledge infrastructures, built tools and infrastructure devices in different fields.

Introduction of infrastructure

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