Introduction of research and development units

The key infrastructure of Behyaar Co complex lies in the amalgamation of diverse knowledge and technologies. Currently, 18 specialized units operate within Behyaar Co, including the following: The coexistence of these groups facilitates problem-solving and significantly enhances research and development capabilities.

  • mechanic
  • Aerospace
  • Chemistry, polymer and chemical engineering
  • Biotech
  • physics
  • Materials
  • power electricity
  • Telecommunications
  • Image Processing
  • avionics
  • Industrial electricity
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Standard
  • Information Technology
  • Semiconductor
  • Construction
  • Optics and lasers
  • Electronic

The presence of these groups together to solve problems has greatly increased the ability of research and development.


The collaboration of these groups in problem-solving has significantly enhanced the research and development capacity. In our country, sciences typically trend towards increasing specialization, which can hinder cooperation across different disciplines. Universities often have diverse faculties that are not adequately interconnected, leading graduates to perceive themselves as belonging to only one field. They pursue specialization independently of other disciplines, despite the necessity of interdisciplinary dialogue for the growth and development of science. Recognizing this significance, Behyaar Co has successfully initiated numerous interdisciplinary projects, establishing specialized departments to address technological challenges by integrating various scientific disciplines. For instance, these departments encompass mechanical engineering, materials engineering, laser and optics, image processing and software, digital electronics, and more.


At Behyaar Co, cooperation between groups occurs organically, without the need for administrative or structural interventions. This seamless collaboration has endowed the group with diverse capabilities, enabling them to undertake projects in the realm of telecommunications and microwave applications. One of the fundamental factors contributing to technological maturity is the development of specialized tools. While initially, tool fabrication may appear as an additional task, and purchasing tools may seem like a simpler and quicker solution, prioritizing tool development has significantly enhanced the progress and evolution of technology. Moreover, it generates substantial added value in the realm of knowledge. From this standpoint, the manufacturing of tools, encompassing the production of precision instrument devices, various furnaces, laminating, molding, etc., has laid a sturdy foundation for the technological advancement of Behyaar Co. In the following, we will discuss knowledge infrastructures, constructed tools, and infrastructure devices across various fields.

Introduction of infrastructure

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