Behyaar zist Ayrik is a branch of Sepahan Biosciences Biosciences, which was founded in 2018 and started its activities in the field of research and development in the production of medical and pharmaceutical raw materials, cosmetics and hygiene, food industries and bioengineering. We hope that by working in this field, we can create a suitable infrastructure in the country.


Pharmaceutical and medical raw materials

The products of this area include silymarin, bone powder, licorice, fish oil and Farmagrid gelatin.

Cosmetics raw materials

The products of this field include keratin, collagen, chitosan, limonene and protease enzyme.

Food industry raw materials

The products of this field include creatine, gelatin, limonene and amylase enzyme.


Bioengineering is one of the branches of engineering that uses engineering concepts and technologies to investigate and design biological processes and solve problems related to cells, tissues, organs, biological systems, and the environment.

Introduction of future projects

Artificial kidney

Kidney disease affects one in nine adults worldwide, and the incidence of kidney failure is steadily increasing worldwide. The ability to grow kidney tissue in the laboratory could help accelerate the development of medical treatments for kidney diseases and restore kidney function.

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