Behyaar Sanaat Sepahan Knowledge-enterprise


The flow of science and technology in the vital vessels of the country


Radio Therapy

By incidence of different types of cancer,radiotherapy has provided as a new treatment for it.Radiotherapy needs advanced equipment that is exclusively producing by few countries around the world. However, Behyaar Sanat Sepahan, the knowledge-enterprise company, is a producer of radiotherapy machines and its kinds of dosimetry equipment. Therefore, we put Iran amog the group of few countries with technology for design and production of radiotherapy equipment

Medical Imaging

One of the most useful hightech medical equipment is imaging equipment including different types of equipment for radiography, CT scan, MRI, and etc that is exclusively producing by some developed countries. Behyaar Sanat Sepahan, the knowledge-enterprise company, has succeeded in draining and producing many pieces of them and is working on domestic production of the others

Hospital equipment field

From the beginning of the company, the effort to produce hospital equipment such as transporters (stretchers) and various types of electric beds with the aim of creating more ease and quality in use by the patient, companion and medical staff, the company's top priority and in At present, the company is producing a wide range of hospital and operating room equipment, such as lights and surgical beds.

About The Knowledge Base Of Behyar Sanat Sepahan

The year 1999 was the starting point of a movement that is approaching its maturity today; Establishment of a manufacturing company in the field of medical equipment in the country. The story of the nurse began with the production of a professional patient transport stretcher. At a time when there were many options to start production, attention to the resources, opportunities ahead, future and aspirations that could be achieved and achieved in production, paved the way for the construction of the stretcher. A stretcher that was not common at the time and a lot of effort had to be made to prove it, but could put a smile of satisfaction on the patient's lips..
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