Behyaar Story

We can reduce the suffering of the disease with indigenous knowledge and expertise.

Behyaar Sanat Sepahan, a knowledge-enterprise company with R&D system, has been servicing in industrial and medical equipments since 1999.Todays, more than 550 engineers and other specialists are employed at the company. We started our service with designing and producing the first Iranian qualified hospital transporter at 1999. Since then we have been manufacturing above 80 products.

We cover a huge range of medical devices like hospital furniture, surgical tables, surgical LED lights and high-tech products.

Power of knowledge

In 2009, we augmented some experts in order to construct our R&D team. As the result of this attention to power of knowledge and  R&D experts, we manufactured the first Iranian surgical LED lights, the first Iranian C-arm beds using carbon fibers composit, electrical surgical beds and some high-tech products such as medical linear accelerator for cancer treatment, digital radiology device, multi-slice CT-scan system and Dosimetry equipments for radiotherapy.

Linear Accelerator for cancer treatment

We started our R&D to manufacturing linear accelerators (LINAC) for cancer treatment frome 2011 and we manufacturered OMID LINAC at 2018. We are the fourth manufacturer of linear accelerators for cancer treatment in the world. OMID LINAC is capable of delivering a range of treatments from simple to complex, including intensity  modulated radiation treatments (IMRT). we can product different types of these devices working with 6MV energies and 10MV energies.

Good suggestion for oncology centers

OMID LINAC has been installed in RASA medical imaging and therapy center in isfahan city .RASA is full equipmented therapy center and provide radiotherapy and chemotherapy services. we are honored to introduce OMID LINAC as a state-of-the-art medical linear accelerator to oncology centers.

we can move toward a brighter future.

It's a remarkable point for us that we have always been relying on young members' power in all cases.

We believe that knowledge is a power that through it, we can move toward a brighter future.