General Surgical Bed

Behyaar Sanaat Sepahan Knowledge-Based Company, established in the year 1378 (1999/2000), initiated its operations by manufacturing various medical equipment and has consistently directed its efforts towards meeting the needs and providing comfort to patients. Behyaar Sanat has entered the realm of knowledge-based endeavors through the domestic production of different surgical beds and LED surgical lights, and subsequently achieved a remarkable feat by domestically producing one of the most advanced medical devices globally, the linear accelerator for cancer treatment. The application of science and technology, coupled with the expertise of professionals, has led to the production of various high-quality products by this company. Among these products is the General Surgical Bed, adhering to necessary standards and holding approval from the Medical Equipment Department. General surgical beds need to be designed and constructed in a manner that ensures the patient is positioned correctly for the surgeon’s required procedures. The surgeon must have optimal control over the patient and the surgical situation. The electric General Surgical Bed produced by Behyaar Sanat is a groundbreaking innovation, being the first of its kind made in Iran. It offers novel and unique design features. The bed’s positions, tilt, and height adjustments are remotely controlled, allowing easy customization for different situations. Thanks to its specialized and practical design, reconfiguring its components is straightforward. Behyaar Sanat’s General Surgical Bed features seamless pressed mattresses, eliminating stitching and seams. It’s also easily washable using standard cleaning solutions. Furthermore, the bed’s mattress is antibacterial and exhibits resistance against microbial growth. For more information, please refer to the product catalog.

محصولات مرتبط
BZ9627 processing board
برد بی1-min
BehRIO-B9600 processing board
BehRIO-B9037 processor board
BehRIO-9037 processor board
Plasma Water Purification
Plasma waste incinerator (gasifier)
Diagnostic catheter
فیلتر دیالیز
Dialysis filter membrane
Nitrate-removal from water
Desulfurization Process
کک سوزنی
Needle coke and graphite electrode
سوپر اکسید2
Super Oxide
The VMC850 Milling Machine
Laser Material Processing Systems
High-Resolution X-Ray Detectors
Industrial Radiography
پردازش فیبری
Optical Component Processing
فیبر نوری 2
Optical fiber processing systems
Laser Scanning Microscope
پرینتر سه بعدی فلز
3D Metal Printer
Direct Laser Lithography without Masks
Licorice Extract
Livestock Ear Tag Marker
Keratin Supplement For Animal Feed
کشت بافت
Tissue Culture Engineering
Microfluidic Systems
Production of alkaline protease enzyme from microbial source
Hydrolyzed Collagen
Hydrolyzed Keratin
پودر استخوان2
آمبولیزاسیون (PVA)
Embolization (PVA)
پروانه ای
Epidermolysis bullosa dressing
دستگاه ماسک
Mask device with stretcher
چراغ جراحی پرتابل
Portable surgical light
چراغ معاینه بهیار
Examination light
Three moon surgical light
چراغ-جراحی-سه-قمر (2)
Two moon surgical light
single moon surgical light
تخت الکتریکی لیتو تریپسی(سنگ شکن)
Lithotripsy electric bed
میز غذا بهیار (2)
Dining Table
کمد کنار تخت بیمار(لاکر) (4)
Bedside Cabinet
صندلی همراه بیمار
Patients’ companion chair
صندلی دیالیز
Dialysis chair
برانکارد با جک هیدرولیک (2)
Stretcher with hydrolic jack
برانکارد با جک گازی
Gas Jack Stretcher
برانکارد ایکس ری
X-ray stretcher
ترانسپورتر اطفال
Children's stretcher
تخت اندوسکوپی الکتریکی
Endoscopy bed
تخت الکتریکی ویژه اطفال
Electric bed for children, PICU model
تخت icu-ccu (2)
Specialized Electric ICU-CCU Bed
تخت جراحی چشم
Eye Surgery Bed
تخت الکتریکی بستری مدل BS 500 بهیار
Inpatient Electric Bed (Model: BS500)
Orthopedic surgery bed (Model: BS-4000/OR)